PhD in Theoretical Physics of the University of Bordeaux since the 25th September 2018.

Post-doctoral researcher in Prof. Heiko Rieger's group at Saarland University (Germany) since the 2nd November 2018.

Topics of Research:

  • Out-of-equilibrium statistical physics (dispersion in complex media, Brownian vortices created by laser).
  • Active matter (collective motion of spins, sedimentation of active particles).
  • Application of statistical physics to biology (search strategies, narrow escape problem, cytoskeleton organization).
  • Glass transition and disordered systems (glassy hard spheres, thermodynamic properties).


  • Analytical resolution of physical problems.
  • Stochastic numerical simulations based on the C++ language.
  • umerical resolution of PDEs by the finite element method with FreeFem++.

E-mails: mangeat@lusi.uni-sb.de - admin@mangeatm.fr

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